Akazia is a female-fronted rock band from Orlando, FL that’s hitting the scene hard. Not only did 2015 bring the release of their six song EP “This Is Personal”, but it also brought the band to share the stage with acts such as Exotype. They continue to write new songs in anticipation of future releases, some of which can only be heard live. Be on the look out for Akazia’s upcoming music video, due out later this year.

"This Is Personal" is available now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Spotify!


Happy New Year! 

Hey Akazians! Fear not, we haven't forgotten about you and we're still here! 2016 will have a lot in store for us as a band and we can't wait to share everything with you! We are currently in the writing process and we are excited to unveil several new songs this year(live and studio recordings)! Make sure to stay tuned for that!

On another note, some of you may know that we are currently looking for a new drummer, which is why we haven't played in a while. If you know anyone or if you are interested in playing with us feel free to shoot us an email to akaziafl@gmail.com! 

In the mean time make sure to follow our FB, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates, pictures, ect.

We hope everyone has a wonderful start to their new year and you'll be hearing more from us in the coming weeks and months!



We've got such amazing things in store for this month!

First off, we'll be performing at Day 2 of the Take The Scene Festival at Bombshell's Tavern in Orlando on September 13th! We're so excited to see you all there!

Also this month, we've got the When Given Time To Grow Tour at Backbook on September 21st. 

We're super excited to bring you this brand new website! Be on the look out for tons of other new things coming very soon! We can't tell you what just yet but trust us, it'll be better than the return of pumpkin spice season.

Enjoy back to school season! Don't forget to come out and see us very soon, okay?

We heart you!

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